Phix Pods Top Flavors Review

Phix is one of the leading vape brands on the market currently. The brand has a line of products that have quickly become a staple for thousands of vape enthusiasts. This review looks at some of the features the Phix pods provide as well as the top new flavors that you can choose from Hazetown Vapes – the best vape store in Toronto. 


E-liquid capacity

Phix compatible vape pods have an e-liquid capacity of 1.5ml each, making them long-lasting compared to other pods on the market.

Mesh coil

These pods have a 1.5ohm mesh coil that ensures excellent cloud production, keeping the cloud chasers glued to this product.

Leak-free technology

Are you tired of leaking vape devices? Worry no more. These Phix vape pods are perfectly sealed to prevent leaks that result in messy vaping sessions.

Nicotine Strength

The pods have a 5%(50mg) nicotine concentration, leading to a great vaping experience characterized by maximum nicotine satisfaction for all smokers.

Temperature control mechanism

The Phix pods employ temperature control technology that reduces power when the wick dries up and maintains high power when the wick is in a suitable condition.

Wick quality

Phix pods have a ceramic wick that does not burn or melt under heat, ensuring excellent service to the consumer while also not interrupting the taste and flavor of the pod.

Puff count

The pods give a puff count of 400-440 puffs per device, ensuring long uninterrupted vaping sessions for you.

Top new flavors

Original tobacco– Has a hay-like taste or tastes bready, a taste that is hard to miss for both first-time and already accustomed smokers.

Gold blend tobacco– Gives a nut-like taste with a vanilla edge that is not easily detectable for not-so-keen smokers.

Butterscotch tobacco– It’s a flavor mostly preferred by smokers with a sweet tooth because it gives a feel of caramel on top of the regular tobacco taste. It slightly smells like butterscotch.

Tobacco menthol mint– This is a flavor that engulfs a minty taste that leaves your taste buds waggling, and menthol serves to reduce the harsh effects of nicotine on the vape.

Cool grape– Tastes like juicy grapes, complete with their sweet aroma, tipped off with the taste of tobacco.

Cool kiwi apple– A flavor that incorporates the taste of kiwi with fresh apple fruity taste.

Hard strawberry– Gives the fruity strawberry taste.

Cool melon– Combines the taste of sweet melon with a refreshing cucumber and a tip touch of menthol.

Cool mango– Tastes like juicy well-ripened mango with the cooling effect of fresh cucumber.

Mango– This flavor suits the taste of fresh mango

Spearmint– A flavor developed initially by processing the mint plant to give a refreshingly great taste.

Grape– Perfectly mimics the taste of fresh grapes with a cover-up of tobacco.

Blue raspberry– This flavor profile is created by pineapple, cherry, and banana that end up tasting like original blue raspberry.


The PHIX compatible pods have developed the best flavor profile in the vape industry and keep the product at the topmost level of the market. Each of these flavors is designed to meet the palate needs of different consumers, so you can always be assured of a tailor-made flavor for yourself. 

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