Delta 8 in your system, how long does it last?

So you’re wondering how often can you do Delta 8 if you have to take a drug test at your job. Well, this is actually a complicated and large topic. So sit down, relax, and enjoy, if you can.

Check some of the hemp products here on You can get your Delta 8 in different delicious ways, but how can you get out all that Delta 8, how long does it last?

Delta 8 THC can be detected still after around 2 to 4 days if used once. If you become more of an occasional user, which means vaping THC around 3 times a week or less, then you can expect at least 3 days for Delta 8 to leave your body. But if you smoke multiple times a day, then you’ll probably have to wait more than 30 days, at least.

How often you do it?

Once a week? Then you probably have enough time to decide if it is a good time for cutting down on THC while a “surprise drug test” comes its way.

Now, if you do it a lot, doesn’t matter if it’s diluted or anyhow less potent, you may say that you’re highly functional like this but still, a drug test may not tell apart one THC from the other. Delta 8 THC it’s legal since it’s hemp-derived, but most of the drug tests will just test you Positive for THC and that’s it, you’re in trouble.

In conclusion, if you do it every day all day, maybe you should have a talk with your boss and explain. Because THC is gonna show in your lab results for sure.

Drug Test Types

There are different drug tests, some can detect THC for longer periods. We usually talk about a Urine Test. But depending on the drug test maybe you’ll want to know the time for the most common types. So you can still test positiveafter up to 2 days if it is a Blood or Saliva test. A urine test can test positive after up to 48 days, and bad luck it is a Hair Follicle Test, it can test positive still after up to 90 days.

Day 91 still doesn’t feel quite safe, not everyone’s hair grows the same, and another game-changer is how much THC you do, and the concentrations of THC in the product you used.

Body fat and exercising

It’s well known that THC it’s fat-soluble, so if you’re a regular user there’s a lot of THC stored in all the fat of your body. So you better do some exercise to burn that fat and help your system cleanse faster.

THC stored in fat can NOT be detected in drug tests. But, when you burn fat that stores THC, the THC is released back into your blood before being completely eliminated through your urine. So make sure you stop working out a few days before these types of drug tests.

Best Recommendations for eliminating THC from your system

  • No fats: Eat healthy food, and avoid any fat for the THC to be stored.
  • Exercise: If you’re in for the long run, you better take it seriously. Burning fat it’s the only other way of clearing it off your system.
  • Drink a lot of water: You eliminate THC through your urine, so the more you pee, the faster you detox yourself.

Usually, you should take around 2 liters of water or 8 glasses. Now if you’re detoxing, you can try to add another liter of water, or even try with some Sports Drinks to keep all the salts and electrolytes at the same level your body needs them.