TAAT Smooth Nicotine Free Cigarettes Review

Smoking is one of the major causes of tobacco-related illnesses around the world. A huge percentage of the world’s population uses traditional tobacco cigarettes to satisfy their nicotine cravings. The huge number of toxins in tobacco is not good for your health. Studies show that carcinogens in tobacco are one of the main causes of cancer. This has pushed cigarette smokers to find an alternative solution.  There are several alternatives to tobacco cigarettes like herb-based cigarettes. TAAT cigarettes are one of the most popular non-tobacco and non-nicotine cigarettes.

TAAT cigarettes are available in different flavors. If you are a fan of American Spirit Yellow, then TAAT Smooth Pack is the one for you. American Spirit Yellow nicotine free cigarettes from TAAT deliver the same flavor that you receive from traditional tobacco cigarettes. TAAT cigarettes are made of a patented Beyond Tobacco proprietary blend and is entirely free from tobacco and nicotine. Beyond Tobacco blend replicates the experience you get while smoking a traditional tobacco cigarette without the addictive properties of nicotine.

TAAT Smooth Pack delivers a smooth and refreshing experience that lasts for a long. The lighter tasting flavor it offers is similar to the taste of branded cigarettes like Marlboro Gold, American Spirit Yellow, and Pall Mall Blue. TAAT cigarettes contain 2% FDA-approved food-grade ingredients that support the delivery of similar cigarette flavors. The crackling sound of FSC branded paper while taking a puff makes you feel like you are smoking a real cigarette. Each TAAT cigarette contains 25% CBD extracted from high-quality hemp with a THC level of less than 0.3%. CBD is well-known for getting relief from chronic pain, anxiety, depression, several other health ailments. TAAT cigarettes will not provide a high feeling as it contains a very small amount of THC.

TAAT Smooth Pack contains 20 cigarettes and comes in flip-top pack like normal cigarettes. nicotine and tobacco-free cigarettes from the manufacture’s website https://www.trytaat.com/. The price they offer is very cheap when compared to branded tobacco cigarettes. You can get a pack of TAAT smooth cigarettes for just $6.99. With each order you place online, you will get a free pack. To avail of the free pack, all you have to do is just apply the promo code FREEPACK during the checkout process. Delivery services are offered in the US at an affordable rate. You can receive your order within 5 business days after the order confirmation. If you order 2 or more cartons, you can get free delivery services. Expedited services are offered for customers in need and they will charge extra for express deliveries.