Review Of Tuck Shop Eliquid Range By Dinner Lady

There is no turning back once you get to taste any Dinner Lady vape juice. The Dinner Lady Tuck Shop Eliquid range includes delicious fruit combinations as well as candy combinations that would satisfy just about any vaper looking for a quality vaping experience. Before we get to talking about the individual flavors and what you should also expect when you vape them, let’s take a look at the concentration of vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) that Dinner Lady decided to make use of and what it means to you. 

Each flavor in Dinner Ladies Tuck Shop Range is made with 70 percent vegetable glycerin (VG) and 30 percent propylene glycol (PG). This means you will be vaping a high VG blend. High Vg blends are exceptionally good at producing thick clouds of vapor which is any cloud chaser’s delight. Since VG itself is a tad sweet, it also gets to add some of that sweetness to the overall vape juice flavor. Another thing is your coils; the last thing you would expect from Dinner Lady e liquids is that they gunk up your coils in a hurry even with a high VG base.

On the other hand, the vapor production is balanced out by a satisfying delivery of bold flavor thanks to the percentage of PG. 

Next, let’s briefly talk about another ingredient – nicotine. Dinner Lady’s Tuck Shop eliquid range all come with varying nicotine concentrations allowing you to choose what suits you best, so you not only get to satisfy your taste buds but also your nicotine cravings to the maximum. Each eliquid flavor available in the Tuck Shop range comes in both 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg nicotine concentrations which deliver smooth hits every time you drag. 

Without further ado, let’s get started on the flavor profiles available.

Apple Sours

The brimming flavor of this sweet and sticky hard apple candy that is coated with a tangy and sourish sugar coating is enough to lighten up your mood any day. The candy flavor is still present on the inhale, but instead of being sweet, it has taken on a tangy sourness, with Apple taking center stage. The Apple takes over on the exhale and becomes so genuine that it feels like biting into a crisp, fresh apple.

Sweet Fusion

Review Of Tuck Shop Eliquid Range By Dinner Lady

This flavor profile features a sweet and sticky chewy fruit candy flavor that brings together a rainbow of flavors to create a tutti frutti candy that you would not forget in a hurry. The aroma of the mixed fruits mixture is immediately noticeable as you open the container. The inhale is sweet with a hint of sour in the background, making the e-liquid very refreshing.

Lemon Fizz

With a sour sherbet sugar finish, this taste has a sweet and sticky hard lemon candy flavor. The inhale has a strong flavor, which you will love if you like sour flavors. A lemon taste is combined with a sour sherbet flavor in this ejuice. The inhalation will make you draw your face back due to its extreme sourness.

Watermelon Slices

The tropical combination of sweet and juicy watermelons washes over your tongue on the inhale, sending your taste sensations soaring. When you exhale, the flavor is enhanced with a sugary candy that will satisfy your sweet craving while also providing wonderfully flavored vapor to finish your vaping session. You’ve probably never tasted a watermelon-flavored e-liquid quite like this.

Review Of Tuck Shop Eliquid Range By Dinner Lady

Bubble Trouble

This is a taste that will transport you to your youth. On the inhale, it became obvious that the round balls with fruit-flavored hard shells were the type of Bubble Gum Dinner Lady picked or ended up with. The bubble gum flavor is obvious, as is a combination of fruit, but the unexpected addition of banana gave it a strange smell.

All of these flavor options are available on for $22.