VooPoo Vinci Pod Kit Review

Pod kits are ultra-compact devices that come with either pre-filled or refillable pods. Usually, the prefilled pods come filled with nicotine salt vape juices, making them perfect for those who quit smoking recently. It is also ideal for those vapers looking for lightweight vaping devices for use on the go. Pod kits usually have low wattage output, so you have to use a certain type of vape juice that is suitable for the pod. Pods kits come with high resistance coils and less power to heat vape juices. If you are using a pod kit with a refillable pod, either vape juice with higher PG or nic salt e-liquids are perfect choices. High PG vape juices are watery than e-liquids with higher VG, so it vaporizes faster. High PG e-liquids provide better throat hit than high VG e-liquids, replicating the feeling of real tobacco cigarette smoking, 

Most of the vaping brands introduced their pod kits already to the market. New types of pod kits are getting introduced to the market with advanced features frequently. From this huge number, it is very difficult to find the best pod kit that is suitable for you. Vinci Pod Kit by VooPoo is one of the most sought-after pod kits available on the market now. This lightweight and ultra-portable kit is easy to use and perfect for those new to vaping. Powered by an integrated 800mAH battery, this pod kit offers a maximum wattage output of 15W. The battery size is quite good for uninterrupted vaping all day long. It is a perfect device for vaping high PG vape juices and nicotine salt vape juices.

Vinci Pod Kit by VooPoo is constructed using premium quality zinc-alloy and is available in new attractive colors with fingerprint and scratch resistance. This device is very easy to use, you don’t need to get special training to operate this kit. The device is equipped with only an up/down button for adjusting the wattage settings. It is draw activated and you can just inhale on the mouthpiece to activate the pod whenever you want. This pod kit is equipped with a Gene AI chipset that can provide intelligent coil recognition and multiples protections for safety. The device comes with an updated Vinci Pod cartridge that can hold 2ml vape juice. You can refill the device through the filling port on the side. The filling port is designed in such a way as to have a mess-free refilling. The filling port is secured with a rubber stopper to prevention from leakages.

VooPoo Vinci Pod Kit is equipped with a USB-C port at the bottom for fast charging the device. An LED light is provided above the charging port to identify the battery charge level. This best pod kit is manufactured using the ITO vaporization technique which is developed by VooPoo. This ultra-compact device is available for sale at Vape Green at a very competitive price. The device is available in different colors and a device costs just £19.99 at Vape Green – the leading online platform for all your vaping needs in the UK.