Nfix Vape Pod Kit by Smok Review

When you hear the name Smok, you can almost be certain that it is bound to be something interesting, especially if you have been vaping for quite some time. Smok is one of the pioneer manufacturers in the vaping industry with tons of successful devices under their belt. The Nfix Vape Pod Kit by Smok is well built, easy to use, and super comfortable to hold. It also incorporates features that you do not normally see in a pods device. 

It allows you to adjust your wattage output anywhere from 1 watt to 25watts, giving you more flexibility and control to enjoy your ejuices. It also features a decent internal battery with a USB-C fast charging so you never have to wait a long time to recharge and resume vaping. There is no doubt if you are looking for the best vape kit, Smok is the right place to be.

What’s In The Kit?

  • Smok Nfix Battery / Device
  • 2 x Nfix 2ml Refillable 0.8 Ohm MTL Pods – (TPD UK/EU Compliant)
  • USB-C Charging Cable
  • User Manual
Nfix Vape Pod Kit by Smok Review

Design and Build

All in all, the Nfix Vape Pod Kit by Smok measures 110×21.5x13mm and weighs about 32g making it an incredibly lightweight device, one that you would not have a problem tagging along with you when on the go since it can easily slip into any pocket or bag. 

The body of the device also sports a rectangular shape with beveled edges that makes it feel comfortable in your hand. There is a small airflow hole on either side of the device. On the front is the SMOK logo and on the back is the “Nfix”. There is a 0.69” OLED display screen below the Smok logo and a single button. The device is not however button activated, the button’s only purpose is for adjusting the wattage and turning the device on and off.

That said, the Nfix Vape Pod Kit is a draw-activated device making it a lot simpler to use especially for newbie vapers. You simply place the mouthpiece in your mouth and take a drag. 

Adjusting the wattage if the device is just as easy – you just need to click on the button three times and the wattage display will flash. Next, click on the button again, and the wattage increases in 1-watt increments. When you find the wattage that you desire, you can simply wait 3 seconds, and then the display will stop flashing telling you that you’re all set.

The OLED display is rather detailed, showing your battery life, resistance, wattage, voltage, and even a puff counter.  

The device comes with a built-in 700mah internal battery which is quite generous for a pod device. What it lacks in battery power, however, it makes up for with its USB-C fast charging.

Nfix Vape Pod Kit by Smok Review

The Nfix Vape Pods

The pods sit comfortably at the top of the device and are held firmly in place by two small magnets as well as small ridges that were built into the sides of each pod. They are not refillable and disposable because you can refill them as much as you want until the coil and /or wick burns out. Since the coils cannot be replaced, you then have to dispose of them.

Both coil options that come with the Nfix device have a 3ml ejuice capacity but with different recommended wattage ranges. 

The pods are clear so it is easy to monitor how much ejuice you have left. There is also a ‘minimum’ fill line etched on the side of each pod, so you know when it’s time to refill. They also sport a duck-billed shape so it fits comfortably in your mouth. 


The Nfix Vape Pod Kit is marketed by Smok as a mouth-to-lung kit. It is perfect if you are looking for a loose mouth-to-lung style of vaping. The flavor on the 0.8ohm pod is spot on with a thick and warm vapor delivery. The throat hit is decent and would give you the feeling of an actual cigarette. 


  • Excellent build quality
  • Ergonomic design and portable
  • USB-C fast charging
  • Variable wattage
  • Juice window level
  • Good flavor production


  • Non-replaceable coils
  • The battery indicator on the display is not easy to read
  • Small internal battery capacity


Overall, the Nfix Vape Pod Kit by Smok is an impressive pod device and considering you can buy it for only £22.99 on Vape Green, it is also quite affordable.