Vape Green UK: Facts About Nic Salts You Probably Never Knew

Have you ever wondered why there is a fuss about nicotine salts in recent times? This ‘mystery’ is most common among new vapers. Let’s briefly talk about what nicotine salts is and why many vapers opt for it instead of the regular freebase nicotine eliquids.

First, knock off the thought that nicotine salts have a semblance to your regular table or cooking salt. Nic salt, as it is also called, is a naturally occurring form of nicotine derived from tobacco leaves.

The nic salts you find on the market are prepared by extracting nic salt from tobacco leaves and blending it with benzoic acid – a commonly used additive in food preservatives, approved by WHO. Yes, benzoic acid also naturally occurs in plants, animals and fungus.

The blend of nic salts and benzoic acid produces a powerful nicotine concentration that can be vaped.

Nic salts make it possible for you to vape high nicotine concentrations at a time without the throat burns, charring, or irritations. That’s also where the difference between regular freebase nicotine eliquids and nic salts play out. If you are a new vaper, you might likely have had an unpleasant throat experience when you vaped an eliquid with high nicotine concentration. If you haven’t, that’s a relief.

Freebase nicotine eliquids with nicotine concentrations of 18-24mg and above are usually associated with throat harshness; if you vape them, it could be quite unpleasant. You could be asking why vapers would opt for eliquids with high nicotine concentrations in the first place.

The world of vaping is driven by the motive to provide a safer, healthier alternative for traditional combustible cigarettes – especially for smokers. If you are a smoker or a recent convert from smoking, you would agree that smoking is a difficult habit to get rid of. You would crave that strong bout of nicotine you enjoyed when you smoked.

Regular freebase nicotine eliquids could satisfy your nicotine crave easily – if you were a light smoker. If you were a heavy smoker, you would need high concentrations of nicotine to satisfy your craving when you vape. Nic salts are your best bet, they offer satisfaction and a pleasurable vaping experience. Now that you know what nic salts are, the next step is to identify the best store that effectively caters to your nic salt eliquids’ orders.

If you live in the UK – or anywhere else, you should check out the Vape Green UK online store. You would find a wide catalog of premium quality nic salt eliquids, sourced from the best brands on the market. Visit to check them out. Not all devices are suitable for vaping nic salt eliquids.

Nic salts can be vaped at low temperatures, you can vape with vape devices with low wattage like pod devices and pod starter kits. You don’t need sub-ohm devices, they are high-wattage powered devices and can give you a headache when you vape with them. You can also check out the Vape Green UK online store for quality vape devices – and any other thing you might need for a beautiful vape experience.