How to Stay Safe When Making Your DIY E-Juice

The truth is that making e-liquids by yourself can be exciting, and it can also be frustrating. If you are going to make e-liquids at home, there are a few things you need to know. One of the first points to know is that it is very feasible for anyone to make e-liquids. The recipe to e-juice production is widely available online, along with step-by-step guidelines. You don’t need to have high-level skills in chemistry or have a state-of-the-art functioning lab at home for this to be a success. All you need are some essential ingredients and the necessary tools to begin. Safety when making e-liquids is not spoken and written about as often as it should. Pure nicotine is dangerous and should be handled with care.


When it comes to making e-liquids at home, you will need supplies. To make high-quality blends, you need to make your own vape juice kit. This kit must include base liquids which are Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and Propylene Glycol (PG.) You will also need a sizeable amount of pure nicotine. Vape juice flavor concentrates are also required to make your vape juice kit complete.

All these ingredients can easily be bought in vape stores. There are several platforms selling flavor concentrates. However, Flavorah has true flavour. The flavor you get from this brand does not contain any tobacco or nicotine. Flavorah’s concentrated flavoring is pure and does not contain colors, sweeteners, and other compounds that may lead to health complications. The flavor is an integral part of making your e-liquids. VG and PG can be described as tasteless that’s why the concentrated flavor is necessary.


After going through the ingredients, the next step is to focus on the tools needed to make e-liquids. These tools must be part of every vape juice kit. You will need syringes, latex gloves, distilled water, bottles, and plastic bags. These tools are going to ensure that you are safe when handling the ingredients. It is essential always to remember that tobacco can be harmful if it is not appropriately handled. Never let concentrated nicotine touch your skin; this could be dangerous. Nicotine is toxic to aquatic organisms, so you must dispose it properly.


Safety is essential in making e-liquids by yourself. You should rinse your eyes immediately with water if nicotine gets into your eyes. The next step should be to seek medical help. And if nicotine spills on your skin, you must wash the part with water and soap properly. And nicotine should not be swallowed, and if this happens, it is best to seek medical help immediately. Read more at