All You Need to Know About DIY Ejuice Blending Methods

The world of DIY ejuice is an expanding one as more and more people are turning to making their own vape juices instead of buying e-juices right off the shelf. You may be one of them as you might have realized you a spending quite a lot on e-juices that you eventually get tired of and then have to go out and buy even more. Or maybe you just want a combination of flavors that you just cannot seem to find on the market. In both cases making vape juice yourself is the right choice.

There are two different ways to blend DIY e-juice, and that is the primary decision you need to make when entering the universe of DIY:

Blending By Weight

With the utilization of a scale, every ingredient is added to the blend by gauging it and considering its particular gravity. Basically, a mL of VG is heavier than an mL of PG or a mL of flavoring. Try not to worry about the science however. Simply ensure you use a vape juice mini-computer that factors in these qualities and let it do the calculating or you can just google for online calculators for ejuice blending to help you do it the easy way.

A scale for blending by weight: you’ll need an electronic scale with a 0.01-gram exactness. This is sufficiently precise to manage all DIY e-fluid plans. You ought to likewise ensure that the scale can weigh at any rate as much as 200 grams, and preferably 500 grams—you may imagine that 100 grams is sufficient, however in the event that you ever settle on blending bigger amounts or use glass bottles you will require the additional headspace. Ensure your scale weighs as much as 500 grams in 0.01-gram additions. At last, you will require at any rate one syringe or a pipette for your nicotine—along these lines you can have increasingly exact outcomes and keep away from nicotine spills.

Blending By Volume

This technique includes estimating each component’s volume with the utilization of an assortment of syringes (in a perfect world one for each fixing). It is the most straightforward to understand for an amateur diy vaper since fluids are ordinarily estimated along these lines, but at the same time it’s less exact and requires more supplies and cleaning. Calculators are still a basic necessity when blending by volume as they won’t just make an interpretation of percentages to mL, but will likewise give you the specific measure of nicotine base you should arrive at the quality you are after.

5 Tips On How To Get The Most Flavor Out Of Your EjuiceSyringes for blending by volume: you’ll need a choice of syringes. I recommend getting some 10-30 mL syringes for your base fluid, and a couple of 1-5 mL syringes for nicotine and flavor concentrates. You’ll additionally require a few needles; 14 guage syringe needles are ideal to make managing thick VG simpler.

Whatever choice you make for blending or mixing your e-juice, it is undeniable that flavor concentrates are important as this is an essential part of ejuices and determine its final taste. Flavorah makes the best ejuice concentrates that are free of nicotine and tobacco and you will not have to worry about it changing the nicotine content of your juice. It is also made with ingredients that make it ideal for inhalation. You can head over to make a purchase of a wide range on flavor concentrate as singles or packs.