5 Tips On How To Get The Most Flavor Out Of Your Ejuice

Other than having an amazing ejuice, there are several ways you can get the most flavor. This is especially for people who are enthusiastic about the flavor of their ejuice i.e the flavor chasing vaping community. There are basically three types of vapers out there, chances are that you fall into one of them. There are the flavor chasers, the cloud chasers, and those somewhere in the middle. This article is for you if you are looking for the ultimate flavor experience every time you vape. 

While there may be tons of resources on how to get the most vapor for cloud chasers, not many actually focus on how to get the most flavor. Even cloud chasers still need the best flavor experience, after all, without the flavor, there really is not so much to enjoy even from enormous vapor. So this, in essence, applies to every type of vaper. Either from commercial or DIY vape recipes, you have an array of flavor options that you could get to taste a whole lot more. We will get to the ‘how’ next. 5 Tips On How To Get The Most Flavor Out Of Your Ejuice

  • Vaper’s Tongue

One of the major, and most frequent challenges in vaping is flavor fatigue, otherwise known as vaper’s tongue. This is that feeling when your vape juice begins to lose its flavor, or the flavor begins to become muted, and it is usually after prolonged use. Vaper’s tongue is a vaper’s worst nightmare as it not only affects the current vape juice, you may also have trouble enjoying the taste of vape juices in the same flavor profile.

As a result, the first place to begin in getting the most flavor out of your ejuice is to know how to avoid losing the flavor completely. To avoid vaper’s tongue, try switching the flavor regularly. Don’t vape one flavor too much. You should also drink lots of fluid like water. Sucking a lemon will also help to cleanse your palate so it’s all fresh when you take the next drag.

  • Wattage and Temperature

These two settings are the simplest ways to get your vape device to give you the best flavor from your vape juice. Vape juice is made of different elements, and each of them come out at a different setting. When looking for the right wattage and temperature setting, it’s best to start from lower settings and gradually work your way upward until you hit the ‘sweet spot’. You will need to do this for each flavor you vape as some flavors vaporize at different temperatures.

  • Airflow Position

You will find that many atomizers have airflow holes to the side of the heating coil that opens up an array of options for flavor chasing vapers. A lot of air going through your coil reduces the overall flavor, although it is great for vapor as it makes the vapor dense and plentiful. Closing off the airflow reduces the amount of air going through your coil which in turn produces a warmer and denser vape that rewards you with intense flavor. Just make sure the airflow is not completely closed off. 

  • Percentage of Propylene Glycol (PG)

Propylene glycol (PG) is one of the bases used in making ejuice. It carries the flavor of the ejuice. This means that the more the PG, the more flavor you will get out of your ejuice. Just keep in mind that higher PG will give you weaker clouds and a stronger throat hit. So its a good idea to find a nice and comfortable balance between the two i.e vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG). DIY Vaping – How to Steep Vape Juice

  • Clean Equipments 

A little vape maintenance goes a long way to improve the flavor you get from your vape juice. Dirty vape devices with clogged-up coils can ruin your vape juice’s flavor. It can make your vape juice taste burnt. It can even cause your flavor to taste odd or stale. So from time to time, clean your equipment. You can consider changing your coil and replacing it with a fresh one when it is overworked.

If you are making ejuice yourself, you should take note of this. Imagine getting high-quality flavorings from manufacturers like flavorah, and you end up not enjoying the full flavor because of dirty equipment.


As a vaper, you deserve the best out of your ejuice, and the steps to ensure that are not as complicated. Just like the tips we listed, your taste buds can enjoy a soothing flavorful vape just by tweaking, adding, and subtracting a few minute things.