DIY Vape Juice Kit You Need to Try Out

  • Yes! Yes! Yes! This is paradise for those try to make the DIY vaping juice. Before deciding to make your vaping juice, you must have seen that it is cost effective but if you don’t get the proper guidance in getting your DIY vaping juice kit, this purpose might be defeated.

Notwithstanding, after much analysis we have the kit. That very kit that would allow you save money and get everything needed, to give you the vaping experience of a life time. Not just that you would also get some tips on how to use them – awesome, right? Now let us go into the various materials that should be in your DIY vaping juice kit.

Nicotine : preferably a PG BASE 120ML NIC. Carefully handle this tool as it should not come in contact with our skin.

Flavors : At this point some make the mistake of buying too much quantity of too many flavours. For a start 15ml of each flavors is enough. Not more than 20 flavors since you are not expected to use more than three flavors for each mixture as a beginner. is the perfect platform to source for premium vape juices.

Gloves : For your starter kit you must have at least 10pairs of gloves since you would be working with nicotine and it shouldn’t touch your skin.

PG and VG : PG and VG must be in a quantity of 500ml for the VG and 250ml for the PG. Most vapers get the irritation in their throats when the PG level is high. Subsequently the ratio of VG to PG is mostly 80:20 or 70:30. From this it is clear why the VG quality is double the PG quantity.

Empty bottles or containers: At least 10 containers with size 30ml each should be made readily available.

Digital scale : this tool is now necessary because the new method of making e juice. This method uses the weight of the liquid and has proved itself to more efficient in making the DIY vaping juice.

Other tools in the DIY vaping juice kit includes ;

10 transfer pipes

2 10ml syringe

2 3ml syringe

5 1ml syringe

50ml graduated cylinder.

While seeking for flavors to give that remarkable feel while vaping you could consider the following; blueberry, mint, ripe banana, menthol, grape candy, chocolate mint, caramel mocha, lemon sours, key lime pie, nectar of the gods, orange cream, pink lemonade . The list is long but these are some that you should consider but every individual has his own taste so you should also put your taste into consideration.

Some vapers have problem using the scale since the amount of each ingredient needs to be converted to the weight of each . But all this can be done in your steam engine e liquid calculator. Therefore, you don’t have to be stuck mixing and creating a mess using the lots of syringes.

Getting your Kit

While finally getting your vaping kit, what must you watch out for? Most people don’t think about this which leads to waste of resources especially when getting all the kits from a single shop online. There must be a mannual showing the pros and cons of that kit and this should be compared with the customers expectations.

Finally always know what you want. This may sound vague but believe me if you don’t know what you want, you will end up getting anything that comes your way. This in most cases never satisfies. So also getting your own DIY vaping juice kit is no different. Some would say I cannot help you if I don’t know what you want. Now if you don’t know what you want then there is trouble .