Guide to DIY e-juice

Vaping is increasingly popular, and more people are trying it every day. People who have been vaping for some time know that although vaping is fun, it is a costly hobby to maintain. E-liquids tend to cost a lot, and this is shocking for most people new to vaping. Some vapers have sought to create their e-liquids to cut down costs. Others get into making their e-juice as an extension of their vaping enthusiasm. Some start making their own blends because they wanted to try more complex and exotic flavors that are not on the market. Regardless of your reason for considering DIY vape juice blends, we have you covered. In this article, we provide the necessary information you need before making your e-liquid at home.

For those who are unaware, DIY e-liquids are simply e-juice blends that you make yourself. Most people think that e-liquids are complex and need years of training and knowledge to make. Although this is somewhat true, you can easily learn to make your e-liquid. You can also learn how to make hash oil for vape pen. There are some basic ingredients that all e-liquids must contain. These ingredients are Vegetable Glycerin (VG), Propylene Glycol (PG), flavor concentrates, and nicotine. These four ingredients must be mixed carefully to make an e-juice.

The VG and PG are usually called based liquids. These are arguably two of the most important ingredients. You will find it helpful that most base e-liquids are usually premixed before purchase, so you do not have to worry about that. VG and PG are typically sold in 50/50 or 70/30 ratios. It is advisable to buy the 70/30 mix. However, 50/50 isn’t a bad choice, too, and it just depends on your goals.

Nicotine is also widely available for sale. However, you can skip it if nicotine is not your thing. But if you enjoy nicotine, it is advisable to handle it with caution. You want to wear gloves and glasses to protect your eyes when dealing with nicotine. Nicotine poison is dangerous and can even a spill could be detrimental. You also want to keep your concentrated nicotine stash away for children and pets. You can easily buy a 100ml bottle of nicotine at affordable rates.

Flavor concentrates are also easy to purchase and are necessary since they determine the kind of blend you will make. You can buy premium nicotine and flavor concentrates from There are lots of flavors available, so you want to think about that carefully.

Most people will find it interesting to know that the ingredients needed to make an e-liquid are easily available for sale and are not expensive. Say you have bought these ingredients what the next step is?

One of the first things to consider is how to mix. Do you mix by weight or by volume?

When you mix by volume, it simply means that you are going to measure every ingredient before adding it. This measurement is usually done with syringes. Some don’t favor this method because things can get quite messy. However, the measuring technique is not favored by many due to the cleaning that has to be done afterward. The other technique is mixing by weight. This involves mixing every ingredient by weighing them first. To use the weight approach, you need all the ingredients to weigh differently. An e-juice calculator will come in handy. Each ingredient needs to have a different weight per ml. Most people recommend the mixing by weighing approach since its way cleaner and more accurate.