Some Reasons Why Your E-Juice Doesn’t Taste Quite Right

One of the issues that confound newbies to DIY e-liquids is that their creation can come out tasting harsh even if they used top-quality flavors and other ingredients. If your DIY e-juice tastes harsh, then this article was created for you. We’ll be discussing possible reasons why DIY e-liquids may taste harsh and ways to remedy the situation.

If your DIY e-juice tastes harsh, the most likely culprit is nicotine. If the nicotine that you use in the vape blend is not of high-quality or has gone bad, you are likely to experience a harsh sensation at the back of your throat when vaping it. You can easily tell if nicotine is bad because it will have an unbearable aroma as well as a dark, brownish color. To avoid this, ensure that you get your nicotine from a trusted brand. You could also experience a harsh throat hit if the nicotine level of your vape juice is too high.

Too much propylene glycol can also make your e-juice taste a bit harsh. MAX VG e-liquids tend to lead to allergic reactions in some people. Many people prefer high PG e-liquids because they have a stronger throat hit. However, this also increases the chances that your e-juice will feel harsh in your throat. Thankfully, it is easy to handle this. All you need to do is ensure that your e-liquids have a balanced VG/PG ratio or are MAX VG blends.

One of the most common reasons why an e-juice may taste harsh to you is that your body doesn’t agree with some of the ingredients in the blend. Some people are sensitive to some of the ingredients in e-juice flavoring like diacetyl, acetoin, ethyl alcohol, and more. It can be difficult to determine which ingredient is making your e-juice taste weird. The best way to determine this is to take note of the ingredients in every of your DIY e-juice blend that comes off tasting harsh. Over time, you can compare your notes to see if there are any ingredients that are present in all the flavorings. If so, then avoid buying any e-juice flavor concentrate with those ingredients.

Sometimes, it is not the ingredients in the flavoring, but a particular flavor that makes your e-juice taste harsh. For example, using too much citrusy flavor or cinnamon can cause this problem. If you create an e-juice with citrus or cinnamon flavor and you notice that it tastes weird, you can dilute it with other flavors to tone down the intensity of the citrus or cinnamon.

Some other reasons why your e-juice may taste weird include burnt or gunked up coils and vaping at an extremely high wattage.

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