5 Hazards of Smoking E Cigarettes

There is very few scientific studies done on the effects of electronic cigarettes in the body as of yet. They have hit the world by storm and have become the popular alternative for smokers who want to quit smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes, but are they really safe and less addicting than tobacco cigarettes? Many health professionals are advising against the use of e-cigs here is five reasons why.

  • E-cigs May Entice Children to Start Using Nicotine

Electronic cigarettes are all the rave right now, highlighted for their lack of chemicals and fun flavours but with the  product being geared towards no particular audience it is becoming a popular choice for children. Although they are some what targeted to adults who are trying to quit smoking, or for adults who are trying to kick the habit of tobacco cigarettes, they still contain nicotine which is still an addictive drug regardless of how it is used. E-cigs are beginning to become a problem in high schools across the United States because students are using them and are not educated on the dangers of nicotine. They are cited as being a gateway to tobacco use in the future for the children who start using them. Read more!

  • There is Still a Risk For Cancer

Even though you are not puffing on a tobacco cigarette that is known to contain over 5,000 harmful chemicals, there is still no scientific evidence that using an electronic cigarette do not cause cancer. More research needs to be done on the product in order to rule out risks and to label them appropriately so users are aware of the risks of using them.

  • They are Not FDA Approved as a Smoking Cessation Tool

Healthcare professionals point out that the electronic cigarette was never invented to be used as a quit smoking aide. Although some ex smokers credit the e-cig to their success of being smoke free, the product was initially brought to the market as an alternative to tobacco cigarettes and was never meant to help people quit, just create a different way for people to get their nicotine fix. The FDA labels e-cigs as alternatives to tobacco and not a smoking cessation tool.

  • They May Get Smokers Hooked Again

If you ask any ex smoker, the cravings for nicotine never actually go away, they just get easier to manage. A lot of people who have quit smoking altogether, have resorted to using e-cigs to help manage those cravings. Nicotine is a highly addictive drug and once you start using it you are hooked almost instantly.  Nicotine is what makes people a slave to smoking to begin with, and if you have kicked the habit, do not pick up an electronic cigarette to start it up again, because in all honesty, if you have quit, just leave it that way,or else you may throw your success out the window and start smoking all over again.

  • You Do Not Know What is in E-Cigs

Electronic cigarettes are not regulated at the moment. What that means is, you can put anything on the label, and there is no one checking to see if what is written is exactly what you are putting in your body. Although is is less chemicals than in a traditional tobacco cigarette, you are still putting unknown chemicals into your body when you inhale. Without regulation it is impossible to control what people are putting in these devices, which makes it scary for people who buy the product.

Electronic cigarettes have been on the market now for over seven years. This is still not enough time to study the effects they have on the body long term. If you are thinking about using one, you should make sure you research what you are putting into your body and decide if it is a risk you want to take or not. Click here for more information: https://www.forbes.com/sites/quora/2018/05/01/are-e-cigarettes-safer-than-smoking/#44b9a0f74be0