Eleaf Tance Starter Kit Review

The Tance is an innovative draw-activated pod system from Eleaf that is suitable for any type of vaper, including beginners, and also the experts. The Tance is an open pod system, which means you get to use whichever e-liquid flavour that you choose so you do not feel restrained, unlike clod pod systems.

Talking more about vape preference, the Eleaf Tance pod system is available in 6 different, yet intriguing finishes. Tap into your inner vaper when you choose from any of the colours; White-Streak, Black, Macaron, Scarlet, Star, and Black-Streak.

The Eleaf Tance device is crafted from durable zinc-alloy. The chassis of the pod device is durable and brilliantly finished with an outstanding hybridization between resin and metal. The entire device measures 14mm x 24mm x 95.6mm and weighs only 55g, which makes it very convenient to hold in your hand. The device is sleek, so it can slip into your pocket very easily.

The device features an LED indicator light which is there to help you easily monitor your battery level. When your device’s battery is between 100% and 20%, the LED will remain green. When your battery goes below 20%, the LED will turn red, this indicates that your pod device needs a charge.

At the sides of the pod, the device is the side-dependent airflow inlet holes that can change your vaping experience depending on how you insert the pod. One inlet is 1mm, while the other is 1.6mm.

The Tance Pod System by Eleaf integrates a bulky 580mAh battery with an output wattage of 10W. The device’s battery is strong enough to keep you busy all day long. The Tance has a Type-C USB port located at the bottom of the device, and it has a charge parameter of 5V/1A. All this means you can charge your Tance pod device from zero to full in no time at all.

The Type-C USB port is convenient being that you do not have to worry about inserting the USB device wrongly, simply just insert it. It is also a very secure way to charge your pod device. Eleaf designed the Tance pod system with protections for overcharging, over-discharging, short-circuit protection, and timeout.

As earlier said, the Eleaf Tance pods can be refilled. The 2ml capacity of the pod can hold just enough e-liquid for your vape sessions. Although, this depends on how frequently you vape, and how long you drag. The Tance pod can be inserted into the pod connection point in specific directions to use any of the two airflow holes, thereby producing different vaping experiences.

The Tance pod comes with a built-in Ni-Cr alloy coil having a resistance of 1.2ohm to give you an amazing flavour, and a good amount of vapour every time you vape. The pod sits perfectly on the device because of the magnetic pod connections.

Refilling the Tance pod is very simple and stress-free because of the bottom-squeeze refill method. All you have to do is squeeze the fill slot on the bottom of the cartridge. The Tance pods can accommodate most needle-nosed bottles of e-juice using its innovative leak-free fill ports that are located at the bottom of the pod. You have little to nothing to worry about when refilling the pod, and even when you insert it into the pod device.

The Eleaf Tance comes in a customary packaging style of Eleaf. The pod system comes in a neatly packed cardboard box. On the front of the box is the picture of the Tance device, while at the back, there is a list of the box’s contents, as well as some warnings. The kit includes:

  • 1x Tance Battery
  • 1x Tance 1.2ohm Pod
  • 1x Type-C USB Cable
  • 1x User Manual

Depending on your region, you can purchase the Eleaf Tance Starter Kit within the range of $23.19-$27.60 from the Eleaf World site. As for the question, yes, the Eleaf Tance is worth every penny.