Eleaf Tance Max Kit Review

Over the years, many brands have released different kinds of pod devices. While most of them are similar, others stand out. The Eleaf Tance Max is one of the most innovative pod systems on the market today.

Eleaf began in 2011 and has continually released different impressive devices. The Tance Max is affordable, portable, and powerful all-in-one vaping system.

The Tance Max device comes in a cardboard box. Inside the cardboard box is the Tance Max device and a refillable 4ml pod sitting all snug in a Styrofoam holder. Underneath, you will find the Type-C USB cable, a spare coil head, a User Manual, and small O-rings for the coil heads.

The design of the Tance Max is quite similar to that of most pod systems. However, it is a bit taller and chunkier. The device measures 101mm x 31mm x 20mm, and it weighs about 87g. Nonetheless, the Tance Max is still a compact and ergonomic device that is sure to fit comfortably in your hand and pocket.

Right out of the box, you will notice the thickness of the device. It is unlike the average pod system. The device comes with a massive 1100mAh battery. For a small device, it has the power to keep you vaping all day long.

The Tance Max sports a Type-C USB port below the device that allows for fast and secure charging. The Type-C USB can power the pod device from zero to full under an hour. For a pod system, this is quite impressive.

On the front of the device is a rectangular firing button. The device is simple to operate. Five clicks turns the device on/off. If you want to take a draw, you only press it once.

There is an LED indicator on the rectangular button, and it lights up whenever you attach a pod, or when you press it. It also acts as a battery indicator. It displays either green, blue or red depending on how much power you have left in the battery. On both sides of the Tance Max are large holes that serve as adjustable airflow slots.

The refillable pods of the Tance Max are made of a slightly tinted plastic just like most pods. This means you can see just how much e-juice you have left in the pod. The pod can hold 4ml of e-juice, which is impressive. The mouthpiece is flattened on one side, so it fits your lips perfectly, and the pod is attached to the device via three magnets.

The pods make use of a rotary-fill method, and at the bottom of the pod is the fill port. The fill port is designed to be leak-proof and to allow easy refill.

The Eleaf Tance Max comes preinstalled with a 0.6ohm mesh coil. If you want a cooler vape, you can replace it with the 1.6ohm standard coil included in the kit. Replacing the coil is simple – just screw it into the bottom of the pod. Overall, the flavor and vapor output of both coils are amazing regardless of whichever airflow setting you choose. It’s all left to your taste buds to decide which style you love better.

You can get the Tance Max kit for around $30.92-$36.80 at the Eleaf official vape shop.