Sub-ohm Vaping and Bigger Clouds: What You Need to Know

Some vapers enjoy blowing massive clouds of vapor with every puff. Chasing clouds is a thing across the world – there are even cloud chasing competitions. To get big clouds, you need a sub ohm tank. If you are looking to get into cloud chasing, then this article will tell you everything that you need to know.

Get the wattage right

One of the first things to remember when it comes to sub ohm vaping is to stick with the recommended wattage for your coil. You are likely to have an unpleasant vaping experience if you use the wrong wattage. You may get your battery blown or have electrical issues. Most coils for sub ohm tank have a minimum wattage level of about 40 watts and as high as 200 watts.

Pay attention to your coils

To get the best experience from your sub ohm tank, you need to use the right coils. There are different types of coils on the market including Kanthal, Stainless Steel, Nickel and more. Find our which type of coil is compatible with your device. If you are aiming for dense clouds, then you should go for coils with a low resistance, for example 0.5 ohms. These coils are known to produce huge clouds and support a high wattage.

You need more airflow

You need good airflow for you to get huge clouds when using a sub-ohm tank. Most sub-ohm tanks on the market come with adjustable airflow so you have control over how much air you are getting. Big clouds require a lot of air, so it is advisable to set your airflow to the maximum.

You need to inhale deep

To get massive clouds, you need to inhale deeply. The combination of deep inhale and maximum airflow will produce huge clouds. A deep and fast draw is also beneficial because it will keep your coils cooler.

You must pay attention to VG and PG ratios

If you want to get big clouds of vapor, you need vape juice blends that have a higher concentration of Vegetable Glycerin (VG) over Propylene Glycol (PG). E-liquids with higher levels of VG work well with sub ohm tanks. You get massive clouds when you use vape juice blends that contain at least 70 percent VG. Another reason for using e-liquid blends that contain more VG is their density. Sub ohm tanks get way hotter than regular sub ohm tanks and burns through e-liquids. Vape juice blends that contain higher VG content burn slower than e-liquids that have high PG levels.

Finally, you need to use top-quality batteries and sub ohm tanks to produce massive clouds. If you are looking for a powerful sub ohm tank, check out the WOTOFO online store. This company makes some excellent tanks.