Joyetech Exceed Grip Review

Joyetech is known for producing high-quality vaping devices, and tell you what, it has never failed to impress. Perhaps its keen attention-to-detail attitude is one of the reasons that this brand has remained relevant even after so many years.

One of the latest products from Joyetech is the Exceed Grip vape pod, an AIO (all-in-one device) 1000 mAh pod system with loads of features that will cater to the basic needs of every vaper.

What’s inside the box?

  • Joyetech Exceed Grip
  • 1 × Exceed Grip battery
  • 1 × Standard Cartridge (4.5mL; EX-M coil pre-installed)
  • 1 × Pod cartridge (3.5mL)
  • 1 × EX-M 0.4ohm mesh coil
  • 1 × USB cable
  • 1 × User manual
  • 1 × Warranty card

First Impressions

I think the Exceed Grip is a mix of a pod system and an AIO system as you can simply change the entire 0.8 pod and 0.4 coil heads. Anyways, standing at just 74 mm × 40 mm × 21 mm, this compact and handy device has a solid feel. Thanks to its 74-gram weight, you will not have a hard time carrying this around.

It uses a regular 510 drip tip, although it would have been nice if it was more versatile, offering either a mouth-to-lung (MTL) style tip or something more discreet/ small size.


The Joyetech Exceed Grip has two options available for cartridges. The standard cartridge can hold up to 4mL of e-liquid and uses the new EX-M coil head (0.4ohm), whereas the pod cartridge holds 3.5mL of vape juice and utilizes the Mesh 0.8ohm coil. There is also a ceramic coil option available. Combined with a decent 1000mAh battery under the hood, I bet this is already enough to last an average vaper an entire day.

It is equipped with different technologies for your protection. For instance, the DBP technology or dry burn protection features an auto temperature-controlled technology to prevent dry burn issues and protect your taste. An LED light flashes two times when DBP works before dry-burn hits and shuts down output right away. However, this technology is only available in EX-M coil head and MESH pod cartridge.

For ease and comfort to its users, Joyetech has designed a creative side-way cartridge. This allows you to easily access your cartridge from the side, which I find to be very convenient. There are two types of cartridges available: one is a built-in coil integrated system while the other is a changeable EX series coil system.

Earlier, I mentioned the different coil systems of this device. Now, both coils make use of the new Mesh cotton as its wicking material. Since it is made of plant fibers, your vape juice is fully and quickly absorbed to make sure you get a pure taste.


If you check its website, the 0.8ohm pod is being advertised for nic salt vape juices; however, as per experience, I only recommend vape juices with 6mg of nic salt and below. Meanwhile, the 0.4ohm coil head is a bit airy, but for a system like this, the flavor is pretty decent.

I think the downside of the 0.4ohm coil head is that it has problems keeping up with the wicking, especially if you are a chain vaper. But the brighter side is that there are no dry hits, regardless of the vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol ratio your vape liquid has. But if you are into nic salts, I think the 0.8ohm pod does a better job.

Performance-wise, both coils can be a bit airy. However, for nic salts lovers, something that offers some airflow restriction or adjustable airflow would have been better.

Should I give this a try?

For a device that costs only $36.80, I think this is a bang for the bucks. There are different colors available, ranging from plain ones like the black, blue, and white, to artistic ones such as mystery blue, rainbow tattoo, and skull stone. Visit to check them out.