EonSmoke Nicotine Salt Pods and iVape Starter Kit Review

The JUUL is one of the most popular vaping devices on the market. However, new players are popping with different devices – some with a larger vape juice capacity, more flavor varieties, and a cheaper price point. One of them is EonSmoke.

EonSmoke pods are available with 14 different flavors – blueberry, grape, mango, menthol, tobacco, watermelon, café latte, citrus burst, cold mint, lush ice, pineapple crush, pink lemonade, silky strawberry, and sour apple.

Compared with the JUUL, the draw of EonSmoke is more open. The difference may not be as significant but it is an improvement.

Each cartridge can give you up to 300 puffs, which is more than JUUL’s 0.7mL pods that offer up to 200 puffs only. The pods click securely in place and work without giving you any headache. Its rounded piece makes it comfortable to fit in your mouth.

EonSmoke pods are simple to use with no complicated instructions to follow. It has a large transparent area where you can check the juice level inside the pod.

There are some drawbacks I noted from the device. The puffs are inconsistent just like the JUUL or any other pod devices. There is also an issue with the wicking, which can lead to minor dry or burnt hints.

There is also leaking or seepage between the air inlets and mouthpieces. Also, while EonSmoke is compatible with JUUL pods, its mouthpiece does not fit the JUUL’s aesthetic.

The disposable pod cartridges, which are available at Smokly for as low as $14.90, are a good option for those who are looking for some flavors outside the JUUL collection. They are also a cheaper alternative as JUUL pods retail at $15.95. You do not only save some bucks but also enjoy some tasty flavors. The pods are available with three different nicotine concentration levels, 40mg (4%), 60mg (6%), and 70mg (7%). Meanwhile, JUUL pods only come with 50mg (5%) of nicotine.

If you want to invest all-in to EonSmoke, then its iVape pod system starter kit can help you enjoy the flavors of EonSmoke pods, although they are also compatible with JUUL and Ziip pods. The mod boasts of a lightweight all-in-one design with a sleek and portable card-shaped appearance. Its size is only 46mm × 8mm × 40mm.

The kit, which will only cost you a small sum of $26.90, includes the mod, EonSmoke iVape 400mAh battery, a USB charging cable, and a user manual. It is available in different colors like red, black, blue chrome, purple unicorn, and aqua unicorn.

Of course, EonSmoke has a lot of other products to offer, including the famous Inferno Slim vaporizer starter kit, Economy e-cig starter kit, Eternity kit with liquid tank, Millenium kit, Nova battery, and even vape liquids.

Overall, EonSmoke is a company that attempts to keep up with the times and compete with giant brands in the industry.

The EonVape iVape starter kit is made from good quality materials, and its decent price point is a big consideration. It is highly recommended for beginners who are seeking value for their money.

The plethora of flavors it offers is also a major selling point, especially for those who are looking for something new.

Smokly sells EonSmoke products at very affordable prices. Simply go to https://smokly.com to check them out.