Taking the steps to switching from cigarettes to vaping is a step in the right direction.  Cigarettes will do nothing except make you smell unpleasant, leave you in terrible health and you will be coughing constantly.

The pros and cons of cigarettes vs vaping,

When weighing the pros and cons of cigarettes vs vaping; vaping will always come out on top. Making the transition from cigarettes to vaping can be physically and mentally demanding. You are cleansing your body from all the toxins that smoking cigarettes has caused, and whether you’re quitting drinking, smoking or popping pills, there is always a detoxing process that comes along and if you have fallen victim to any of this you know how unpleasant detoxing is.Converting to e-cigs will help your body get rid of tar that accumulates on your lungs and more.

Is switching from cigarettes to vaping really a benefactor?

There’s a lot of controversy on whether switching from cigarettes to vaping truly breaks one’s habit of smoking as well as, whether it leaves your body free of toxins. Yes, there’s a nub on e-cigs that controls the amount of nicotine you can consume; however, this doesn’t mean you still won’t suffer the regular withdrawals of nicotine such as headaches, shaking and even nausea. These effects suffice because your body is being exposed to either too much or too little of nicotine from the e-cig, by the time you finish messing with your e-cigs, turning it way high or way low, you will most likely cause some type of toxins, equivalent to cigarettes.

“Smokers cough” and bloody sores have started showing up with e-cigs.

So far, it is clearly evident that switching from cigarettes to vaping won’t lead you to a healthier life. Recent research has shown that vaping poses many health risks such as bloody sores on mouths, coughing, dry skin, dry eyes, nosebleeds, headaches, sleeplessness, chest pains and more. VG/PG base, nicotine and flavoring are the three major components of E-liquids. These are concocted through chemical processes and of course can lead to side effects ranging from just a dry mouth to serious health issues. It doesn’t matter if you inhale, ingest or just touch a processed chemical, it will still show various effects on the body. Check here.

Short and long-term effects

There is no question that negative effects arise from cigarettes and vaping alike. However, when you compare these two, vaporizers always seem less harmless. Nicotine is a cardiovascular stimulant and can cause heart disease. Ingesting nicotine can also cause you problems with breathing, headaches, chest pains, allergies and a lot more.

In Conclusion

Most of the side effects experienced from e-cigs is an initial reaction of your body to vapor and will most likely go away. Switching from cigarettes to vaping can help but it’s very easy to get carried away with e-cigs and inhale as much or even more nicotine than a regular cigarette. If you’re true to quitting cigarettes, don’t abuse smoking your e-cigs.