5 Tips for Maintaining Your Vape Or E-Cig Device

After investing in a vaping device, you’ll need to be sure to take the proper steps to care for it. Cleaning the vape often is the best method to ensure long life and greatest enjoyment. On the off chance that you feel like your experience has been problematic lately, chances are, your e-cig presumably simply needs a little maintenance. There are several sections of the vape that shouldbe caredfor. The device, your e-liquid,and the battery would all be able to benefit from regular attention. Properly keeping up the vape will help you enjoy the best flavor and wind current possible.

Store Your Device Correctly

Treat your e-cig like some other electronic device and make sure it is stored properly. The essential thing to remember is to keep your device far from water, other liquids and extreme heat or chilly. When not utilizing your e-cig, we suggest keeping it upright whenever possible.

Take Care of your Battery

Improper battery care and storage can greatly affect how your device capacities. A grimy battery terminal can negatively affect the performance of your device by preventing it from making a clean connection with the cartridge or capsule. To keep the connection point clean, once in a while wipe it with clean, dry fabric.

We likewise recommend you never let your battery rundown until it’s completely dead. Continually keeping a little measure of charge in your battery will help fundamentally lengthen your battery’s life. At long last, be sure to keep your vaping battery far from high temperatures, which includes maintaining a strategic distance from prolonged exposure to direct daylight, and other metal objects.

Store Your E-liquid Properly

Above all else, dependably store your e-liquids, capsules or cartridges far from children and pets. To maximize the shelf life of your e-liquids, they ought to be stored in a cool, dim place out of direct daylight. Extended exposure to heat can compromise the quality and flavor profile of your liquid. In case you’re loading up on your favorite flavors, be sure to use them before any best by date located on their container.

Don’t Overfill Your E-liquid or Let It Get Too Low

In case you’re utilizing a tank vaporizer, you should be equally sure not to overfill your tank or let the ecig level drop too low. On the off chance that you overfill your tank, you can damage your device. If you make it run dry, you’ll be unable to draw any liquid into the atomizer. This can result in an unpleasant taste, or even worse, wearing out your atomizer. An easy method to abstain from overfilling is by utilizing a closed tank system, like the one from Logic. Because our cartridges and capsules are pre-filled with e-liquid, there’s no mess, hassle orstress.

Don’t Overtighten Your Battery, Tank or Other Parts

A significant number of the components on you vape or e-cig screw together. While you need things to be secure, it’s essential to make sure you’re not overtightening the components. Screwing your battery, tank or atomizer more than is needed can cause permanent damage to the device. Overtightening can strip the threading, making the components impossible to remove or prevent them from returning together. When assembling your device, tighten the elements just until the point that they’re secure.

Keeping the device in ideal condition through proper maintenance, usage and storage will ensure that you’re able to enjoy it for quite a long time to come. Have other questions about how to take care of your Logic device? Check out our frequently asked questions about vaping device maintenance.