SVLT Vapor Apple Jay Jay High NicSalt E-Liquid Review

Apple Jay Jay High NicSalt e-liquid produces what I think is one of the best apple e-juice blends on the market. Now here is a good scenario I want you to imagine. You are at an apple orchard enjoying the sweet scent of apple while the sun is filtering down through the leaves. Right in front of you are freshly ripe apples just waiting to be picked. You reach out and pluck one. You wipe it a little and opened your mouth wide to give the apple a huge bite. But just before your teeth sink into it, the apple fruit magically turned into this vape juice. An interesting short story, right?

Apple Jay Jay High NicSalt e-juice is “the appililiest of the Apple Juices! This is a collaboration between Humble Juice Co. and Solace Vapor. Enjoy!”

There is no denying that this vape juice is packed with a scrumptious apple taste. It has a crisp and clean flavor to it. The apple flavor is dominant and pure. It is interesting to note that this vape juice contains different apple flavors. This vape juice has the tartness of green apple, the crispy flavor of Fuji apples, and sweetness of red apples.

The satisfying mellow tartness of this e-liquid gives you a surprising taste on the inhale. Then, the natural sweetness of ripe red apples comes through on the exhale. The overall flavor of this e-liquid is very refreshing. This is a perfect tool to combat the coming summer days.

Apple Jay Jay High NicSalt e-juice is a blend of 50% vegetable glycerin and 50% propylene glycol. Sorry to break the news, but this one is not for cloud chasers. Aside from it has a low vegetable glycerin content, the presence of high nicotine salts is also a factor. Of course, there are clouds. But they are not the billowing, huge types of clouds you usually get from freebase nicotine e-juices.

There are two nicotine strengths available for this blend. It comes with 30 mg and 50 mg of nicotine. But before we dig deeper into this, let us talk what nicotine salts. Nicotine salts contain the same exact nicotine component found in tobacco leaves. Unlike freebase nicotine, you need to vape high NicSalt e-liquids at extremely high temperatures for the nicotine to be effective.

Vaping an e-juice that contains nicotine salts poses several advantages. It will give you a satisfying vaping experience. Nicotine salts vape liquids are sure to give you that nicotine kick you are looking for. Moreover, it is smoother to vape. Conventional e-juices usually mask the harshness of their throat hit by adding menthol or eugenol. Vaping Apple Jay Jay e-liquid, I can easily confirm that nicotine salt liquids are very much different.

Despite the very high nicotine salt level, it has next-to-no effect when we talk about flavor. You get to enjoy the full flavor of this e-juice while receiving a solid and satisfying nicotine kick.

Do note though that salt nicotine is ideal in low wattage devices. It is thus not advisable to use high powered devices when vaping e-liquid with high salt nicotine levels. Using a sub ohm tank to vape an e-liquid with a nicotine salt levels of up to 50 mg may result in excessive amounts of nicotine, making your vaping experience very unpleasant.

By the way, low wattage devices are autofire. This means there is no firing button and you need to pull to activate the device. This can be very helpful for new vapers who have no idea how to configure a device’s settings.

Overall, Apple Jay Jay High NicSalt e-juice has a good and enjoyable flavor. You only need a small amount of this e-liquid to satisfy your nicotine cravings. You can get a 30-mL bottle of this e-liquid for as low as $15.99 at HumbleJuiceCo. This e-juice comes pre-steeped for a week or two, so it is ready to be vaped as soon as it arrives in your mail.

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