Hype by E-Liquid Depot Review

With Eliquid Depot, flavor chasers have the joy of discovering brand new flavors that are unique, enticing and offer a fantastic vaping experience. The company has a range of breakfast flavored e-liquids. All the e-juices from this company are quite remarkable. Hype is one of E-Liquid Depot’s breakfast-flavored e-liquid that stands out. It is certainly worth trying.

E-Liquid Depot is a company based in Florida, the United States. The e-juice maker has more than 40 different e-liquid flavor profiles on the market. All its products are premium quality and are produced in a state-of-the-art facility with natural ingredients. E-Liquid Depot has years of experience in creating premium-quality vape juice. The company believes that every vaper should enjoy high-quality vape juice regardless of your budget. Hype Marshmallow Cereal Donut with Ice Cream e-juice is a sumptuous blend that has the subtle gooey flavor of marshmallow, the sweetness of donuts and the creaminess of ice cream.

Flavor Description
This E-Liquid Depot vape liquid smells like fresh donuts. When vaping Hype, your taste buds will be flooded with the delicious taste of marshmallow cereal donuts. The taste of marshmallow is predominant on the inhale with hints of donuts and cereal. On the exhale, the flavors blend nicely. The vanilla ice cream flavor that takes the front row while the other flavors are still present in the background.

The ice cream adds a refreshing twist to the blend. There is a balanced sweetness to this e-liquid that is not overpowering. You can taste the sweetness on your tongue and lips. The flavor is just perfect. It will linger in your mouth for some time. You will enjoy every puff and crave for more.

VG/PG Ratio
Hype by E-Liquid Depot is a MAX VG e-juice. It has a vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) ratio of 80/20. The e-juice is a little thick, but you can vape it with either a rebuildable dripping atomizer (RDA) or a sub-ohm tank. Hype is a coil killer so you will need to clean your coils occasionally when vaping it. Cloud chasers will be thrilled by the massive cloud production of this e-juice. The clouds are thick and milky white.

Nicotine Strength
Hype by E-Liquid Depot is available with a nicotine strength level of 0mg, 3mg or 6mg. These are low levels of nicotine strength, and the result is a mild throat hit. When vaping Hype, it flows smoothly through the throat. There is no irritation or burning sensation. Vapers who like strong throat hits may feel disappointed. However, the mild throat hit allows you to relish the nice flavor and abundant cloud production of this e-liquid.

Hype is available in a 120ml clear plastic bottle that has a dripper tip, but no childproof safety cap. It is best, therefore, to keep it away from the reach of children. The label of Hype has a picture of two glazed donuts with cereal on top. You will find a lot of information about the product on the label.

All E-Liquid Depot e-liquids are sold at affordable rates. Check out https://eliquid-depot.com/ to get a 120ml bottle of this vape juice for only $11.99. You will only get a bargain price for this premium-quality vape juice when you buy it from the company’s online store. Apart from Hype, E-Liquid Depot has many other impressive e-liquids as well as vaping hardware and accessories.

If you are seeking a new flavor experience, Hype Marshmallow Cereal Donut with Ice Cream gives another twist to the taste of marshmallow and donuts. It’s perfect for vaping at home as you relax or after a hard day’s work. The flavor is spot on delicious. Hype is one of nine breakfast e-liquids that E-Liquid Depot has on the market. Each of these flavors is unique. You will certainly like all the others if you like Hype.

Marshmallows and donuts are usually enjoyed separately, but together they create a flavor that is truly worth experiencing. Flavor chasers will take delight in vaping Hype.

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