Snack Shack Cotton Candy Eliquid Review

Do you remember those long summer days we used to spend at the fair especially when we were kids? There are plenty of attractions to see, rides to enjoy, and food to eat. But admit it or not, I am pretty sure there was also a time in your life when you were so amazed on how cotton candies were made. As a kid, to see a sugar turned into a cloud of treat is magic! Truly, life in the fair is amusing and fun. But you can always take home a piece of it with you.

You will definitely enjoy the sweet and full flavor of cotton candy in vape form brought to you by Snack Shack. This vape liquid is so tasty is actually feels like the real thing. If other cotton candy-based vape juices have left you disappointed, Snack Shack Cotton Candy is the exception to that rule. Read my review below on how this smooth and easy blend made me love candy-based ejuices.

“Your favorite concession snack in a bottle. This is a spot on cotton candy flavor with a swirl of sweet strawberry and watermelon.”

For many, I bet their throat started feeling itchy the instant they read the flavor profile. But just before you refuse to take that puff, hear this review out. For a cotton candy lover like me, this is something really close to the real deal. However, its sweetness is not irritating as you think. It doesn’t even feel gaggy, and that is totally impressive.

Going in, Cotton Candy ejuice by Snack Shack will offer the light and refreshing mix of strawberry and watermelon flavors. Both these two flavors complement well with each other all throughout the vaping experience. But just before you feel bored or you think it is dull, a sweet and sour fizz reveals itself until the exhale.

Aside from the flavor, I have to admit but the smell is so good it feels like you are floating in the air. The instant you open the lid, that familiar and sweet smell of cotton candy will draw you near. The consistency of this ejuice is nice even if this is a sweet vape juice.

This cotton candy flavored e liquid is a blend of 70% vegetable glycerin and 30% propylene glycol. It has a nice vapor that runs nice and smooth on the throat without feeling any nose burning sensations or fits of coughing. The clouds are really huge and dense, and they do not disappear right away. Even though they do not shape like a cotton candy, the clouds sure do smell like one! Ingredients included in this bottle are natural and artificial flavor, USP vegetable glycerin, USP propylene glycol, and USP nicotine.

I wonder what will come up to your mind when you hear the words snack shack. For me, it sounds more like from the West and boy I wasn’t wrong the instant I saw its packaging. The label has a sort-of cowboy-like or country road font with a brown, wooden background. Then just below it, you can find an image of blue and pink cotton candies. The label also contains relevant product information such as the brand name, flavor name, nicotine level, and size. Meanwhile, the ejuice itself comes in a clear bottle with a child-resistant dropper cap.

Snack Shack Cotton Candy is available in three nicotine strengths options. It comes in 0 mg, 3 mg, and 6 mg of nicotine.  Although 6 mg level is just a fraction of the 24 mg many brands offer, I still love the nicotine kick it offers. You can really feel it is there but it is smooth at the same time. Furthermore, it offers full-bodied flavor too.

This vape juice is something I can really recommend especially those who are in search for something close to real cotton candy. Again, the sweetness is just right and the vapor runs nice and smooth. Cloud production is solid, and this is definitely something you can enjoy every day without feeling guilty.

You can buy your own 60-mL bottle of Snack Shack Cotton Candy for as low as $24.99 only. Want more? Tangerine Dream E Juice by Snack Shack is also another favorite of mine. It is impressive to note that while this small company only offers four blends on its lineup, all are really unquestionably delicious and spot-on.

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