Aspire EVO 75 Kit Review

Are you a vaping newbie in search for a good starter kit that will absolutely give you a first-hand experience of what real, quality vaping is? Good news mate! You are on the right page. Here I review the Aspire EVO75 kit that currently retails at AUD $85.45 at Caktus Vape. Find out whether or not this starter pack is as good as it sounds on paper.

According to Caktus Vape, “Aspire EVO 75 Kit is a perfect combination of an Atlantis EVO Tank and NX75 Mod. This kit will achieve great taste while using a wide array of eliquid flavours.”

Aspire flaunts its compact NX75 box in the EVO 75 kit. It has a minimalist and pleasant design with a really nice quality. Although it is smaller by 7mm than its direct concurrent, eVic VTC Mini, the NX75 is heavier and has a more robust appeal. Checking at the mod, you will immediately notice the 0.86-inch OLED screen display found in front. It may not be as big and wide compared with others, but it shows relevant information about the settings.  Its shape is also pretty great for handling.

All the four control buttons including the square Fire work well and are pretty responsive. The “W” button is used for the wattage mode, volt, bypass, and CFBP (customizable firing button profiles). The “T” allows you to access the temperature control and TCR. And the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ controls are for setting the parameter values. You can also adjust the brightness and orientation of the device, thanks to its firmware update V.03.

At the top part area of the box, you will find the 510 plug. On one side is the micro-USB plug, allowing you to charge the device in an upright position. The battery, placed in a magnetic housing, is found on the other side of the box. Speaking of battery, the NX75 is powered by a single 18650 battery. This mod also features a three-digit numerical password to protect you from your kids from messing with your device.

Under the hood of the NX75 is a powerful chipset. It offers five vaping modes including wattage, bypass, TCR, CFBP, and temperature control in titanium, nickel, and stainless steel. The temperature control can be adjusted to between 200 and 600 degrees Fahrenheit. So say for example you want to vape in Wattage mode, you just simply press the ‘W’ button and use the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ controls to adjust to the desired level. But if you wish to switch to Temperature Control mode using a stainless steel, just click the ‘T’ button thrice. Another interesting thing about this chip is that it can integrate the CFBP mode. This allows you to draw a heat curve by a 0.5-second interval, softening the slow ramp-up time common in sub-ohm coils.

On the other hand, paired with the powerful NX75 mod is the Atlantis EVO. This tank can hold up to 2 ml of vape juice and has a wide drip tip measuring 12 mm. It has been made pretty convenient for users with its top-refill system. The pipette tip can easily find its way the space between the chimney and the Pyrex tank. This clearomizer actually has the same concept as the Nautilius X, although it is designed more for aerial vaping. As for the airflow holes, you will find four at the bottom part of the tank.

Ready to get your own Aspire EVO 75 kit now? Make sure to visit and snatch that starter pack. This five star-rated package includes an Atlantis EVO tank, a pre-installed 0.4 ohm coil, an NX75 mod, a micro USB cable, a 2 mL replacement Pyrex tube, an extra 0.5 ohm coil, a user manual, and a rubber cuff.

I am definitely recommending Aspire EVO 75 Kit for beginners and even those who love aerial vaping. This boasts of a pretty solid construction and a powerful level of performance. It also offers a customizable firing button profiles with three memory settings. Its overall interface is really easy to use and navigate, making it better than its competitors. But just like any kit though, complete newbies should expect some slight learning curves. But I assure you though this is one of the easiest and simplest to use devices on the market today.


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