Vape Moar Prince Pucker Ejuice Review

If candy vape liquids are not enough, Vape Moar Prince Pucker ejuice promises to make your taste buds cry with joy. Let us see if this sweet and sour green apple blend is good on keeping its commitments.

“Prince Pucker will be King one day, just wait and see! This upstart eliquid is a faithful Green Apple vape without the overly candy notes that plague almost every green apple flavor on the market. While we love green candies too, there’s a lot more to ruling a kingdom than one version of one flavor. Prince Pucker is our interpretation of a ripe and sweet Green Apple, with subtle hints of that sour pucker that everybody loves, but nobody is ‘in love with’. Prince Pucker will tickle your mouth to a point just short of mouthwatering on the inhale, then take you there on the exhale with a sweet and crisp finish you’ll love.”

Vape Moar does it again! This is a fantastic juice that really tastes like a sour green apple candy. Surprisingly, the flavor is deep, and you will enjoy the sour apple flavor through and through. On the inhale, the taste is more on the sweet side and then the sour bite starts to reveal on the exhale. Its combination is just so awesome it makes you come back for more.

While I compare this to a candy, its sweetness is still pleasant to the throat. Some candy-based flavors just give my throat an itchy feel, but I did not had one with this. Prince Pucker eliquid is a blend of 75% vegetable glycerin and 25% propylene glycol. Its high vegetable glycerin content gives this ejuice a thick consistency. But its vapor production is above average, and the throat hit also mild enough. Clouds chasers will definitely fall in love with this blend. Expect huge and dense clouds that do not disappear immediately to float in the air. They really smell good too!

Just like the rest of the ejuices in its Small Prices collection, Prince Pucker comes in a glass bottle with a child-resistant cap. Presentation-wise, Vape Moar kept it straight and simple. Besides, who needs a fancy design for a higher price, right? Wrapped around the bottle is a white-colored label. This label serves as an overview about the ejuice, displaying relevant information such as the brand name, flavor name, expiration date, lot number, and the usual warnings.

By the way, Vape Moar e juice flavors are pre-steeped.  Steeping is actually allowing the ingredients to congeal. Some blends contain alcohol, and this can be harsh on the first try. This process also allows the juice to oxidize and alcohol to evaporate resulting to a smoother flavor.

Prince Pucker has five nicotine strengths to choose from. This evape is available in 0 mg, 2 mg, 4 mg, 8 mg, and 16 mg of nicotine. Prince Pucker can provide spot-on flavor whether you are using a tank or a dripper. Since this is a fruit-based flavor, Vape Moar does not recommend vaping this ejuice at very high temperatures and wattage. This is to avoid the likelihood of picking up a burnt taste because of the delicacy of the flavorings.

I tested this vape juice using my TFV4 tank. At 40-50 watts, the taste is more like a tart apple. When increased to at least 65 watts, I got myself a hot apple juice, and then apple sauce at 70 watts. After playing with the numbers, I finally settled to between 50 and 55 watts and enjoyed myself a lovely apple flavor with faint hints of candy.

Overall, I was not expecting to like this flavor, but I loved it on my first puff. This is really a perfect all-day vape, even an all-week, or as long as you do not get tired of the taste. If you are having some second thoughts, you can try it yourself. You can buy your own sampler size (18mL) bottle for as low as $3 only! Vape Moar has other flavors to choose from too, such as Mellow Gold, Cool Green, Summer Sweetie, Fru Fruity, Baker’s Bean, and Cool Customer. I am definitely recommending Prince Pucker to my family and friends. Happy vaping people!


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