SMPL Juice DeLemonFul Cake Ejuice Review

DeLemonFul Cake vape juice by SMPL Juice features a lemon cake flavor profile that is to die for. Get excited as this is not your typical or generic lemon cake flavor. This lemon-filled dessert offers a strong and natural tasting delicious lemon flavor you just can’t find anywhere else.

“DeLemonFul Cake Eliquid delivers a cream filled and custard packed slice of cake with a touch of luscious lemon making your taste buds go wild.”

The creamy and custard lemon cake brings a strong kind of flavor that resonates on each puff. Through many tanks worth, this DeLemonFul bottle remains as sweet and flavorful. You will definitely fell in love regardless if it is your first or fifth try. Other dessert vape juices tend to get boring the longer you vape them while others just lose their potency with exposure. However, this vape juice impressively sticks to its flavor profile until its last drop, making it very worth every penny spent. (Visit to check the product out.)

On both the inhale and exhale, notes of creamy and custard dough with a dominating lemon taste are very evident. If you are a lemon fruit lover or an avid lemon cake lover like Game of Throne’s Sansa Stark, then you will undeniably fall in love with each puff you take from this juice. I love the refreshing kind of taste and feeling produced from this.

The smell is as good as it tastes. The moment you unscrew the cap off the bottle, prepare for the soothing scent of lemon to fill in the air. The consistency of the liquid is nice, not too thick or sludgy. This will not gunk up your coil or atomizer too.

The throat hit coming from this vape juice is smooth and pleasant. It does not cause any nose tingling sensation or fits of coughing. Nicotine strength is mildly pleasant as well, gives a little nudge to know that it is there. And speaking of nicotine, there are three strengths available for this eliquid. It comes in 0 mg, 3 mg, and 6 mg of nicotine.

In case you are wondering if there is such thing as an ideal nicotine level for beginners, I am sorry to disappoint, but there isn’t. Picking the perfect nicotine level for you usually takes some exploring. This is because different nicotine levels yield varied results. For instance, the higher the nicotine level, the greater the throat hit. This means that a higher nicotine level can feel harsher for your particular taste, and a lower level can make your vape smooth tasting. Shifting to vaping may actually take some trial and error, but if you look at the positive side, it’s more of an adventure.

DeLemonFul Cake contains 70% vegetable glycerin and 30% propylene glycol. For this ejuice, its throat hit is perfectly mild. It does not cause any nose tingling sensation or nicotine high. In terms of clouds, this baby gives off huge, fluffy, and dense ones that do not disappear right away. The smell of lemon filling any type of room is just so refreshing.

The ejuice comes in a 120-ml chubby gorilla bottle with a child-resistant cap. It features a narrow drip tip, which allows you to transfer the vape liquid into any dripper or atomizer with ease and convenience. Such sturdy plastic bottle container also makes this blend a perfect on-the-go flavor. The bottle is wrapped with an attractive label designed with irregularly shaped triangles in different colors. The label bears relevant product information including the brand name, flavor name, size, nicotine level, manufacturing date, expiration date, and the usual warnings.

Meanwhile, just when you thought all cards have been laid on the table, SMPL Juice gives another reason for you to love  DeLemonFul Cake eliquid. Its price of only $15.00 per 120-ml bottle is an absolute attention grabber! History tells us that lemon cake is a dessert enjoyed only by the nobles, but modern times, you do not even need to have some royal blood to score this bottle. This is definitely the best vape juice investment you can ever have.

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