RateMyeJuice.com is your source for electronic cigarette nicotine juice ratings and user reviews.  The more ratings each juice has the more accurate the information will be. You can help your fellow vapers by doing the following:

Rate any juice you are familiar with.

Registration is not required and you can sign in via Google, AOL, Yahoo and OpenID.  Rating is fast, about 5-10 seconds per juice. Each rating adds to the accuracy of the previous ratings and helps other users decide on what they would like. Ratings are done on 3 properties, vapor production, flavor accuracy and throat hit.  Please rate these based on your average experience with other juices and be honest.

Link back to the site in your forum signatures or your ejuice stores.

Place a userbar from our Link-to-Us page, or a text link to the site to help your friends find us. More visitors means more ratings, which in turn helps make the ratings more accurate. Vendors can link to their vendor/brand category and help promote the ratings of their own juices. Banners and buttons are provided on the Link-to-Us page if you wish to use them on your ejuice store.

Tell all of your vaping friends, family and co-workers about us.

Let your friends know to visit us to find ratings on ejuice flavors they would like to try. Ask them to rate any juices they have tried.

Submit new ejuice flavors so others can vote on them.

You can use the Submit-New-Juice page to submit new ejuice flavors to us so that everyone can rate them. Submitting a new juice is easy, and only requires you to know the ejuice vendors site name, ejuice flavor name and the url of the ejuice. There is a template premade that you can fill in to make submitting flavors fast and painless.

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